I hope you make it out of Guyra you seem too intelligent to survive that place. Those were the days. TMG start to sing the song and then it just fades out. I remember les hall was doing the interview in the bath! The introduction on the TMG Live Album is done by me as was all introductions during their hectic tours.

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Ted Mulry Gang – Locked In (Vinyl LP) 1980

Aussie Greg October 8,3: On the day, I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Herman Kovacs. Guitarist Gary Dixon joined around this time to complete the foursome. We were in the shop buying food and the four members came into the shop as well.

I first saw TMG at my school Manly Girls High sherbet played as well ,but i only liked Ted and the gang i must admit Gary was my fav in his satin pants and vest no shirt he was hot. Gay February 27, I came from Uralla and would have been at that concert in I loved Ted Mulry gang, am sorry he left us so early.

Had been a fan since and have every album except Disturbing The Peace,lent it to a mate,never got it back. God only takes the best love JoJo. I saw TMG four or five times in the seventies and a few times in the eighties.


TED MULRY GANG (TMG) — Struttin »

My knowledge comes from magazine articles that I have collected over the years as well as forums like this one. Cowboy Col offered to me and of course…. To my horror after the first reel of the movie went throught the projector the next reel was the second last one! By the early s their chart success had ended but they remained popular performers on the Australian pub circuit throughout the decade.

I wish i did have a time machine as well. As far as I know there was a release in Australia and another in the US? Lotsa memories of the 70s!!!

Ted Mulry Gang — Locked in — Download Songs and Music Videos for Free —

Извините за длинное письмо. AccaDC1 September 5, Thomas January 27, I had to go through some red tape with copyright, however, I received my copy last week.

John Sayers February 7,8: The band were happy, carefree and spoke candidly about the songs, who wrote them, why they wrote them and what meanings they held. Ron Clayton August 31, Well done and thank you: The front cover photo on the Disturbing The Peace Album was taken from the roof of the shopping centre at Doncaster in Melbourne and is looking north toward templestowe. The support band was Rabbit. They played so umrly at the Gimme Ted Murl Concert.

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It may be necessary to pre order this as many music stores may not put it in their stock.


I Loved the Ted Mulry band bring back the 70 great time for music in Australia. Can anyone tell me where the Jamaica Rum filmclip was shot?

Is that still the case? That was in Wagga Wagga I lived in Junee and thank goodness that TMG hit the road and allowed everyone to see them live — not just the city slickers! Mutly is a Maitilde local, who teaches music at Newcastle Tafe now.